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The Type-1 (validator) node

Contribute to the semantic Web3 infrastructure by running a Unova node yourself.

Earn UON

Type-1 (validator) nodes are a core component of web3 infrastructure. By managing the blockchain, creating blocks, executing transactions, and managing the smart contracts, they ensure the decentralized aspect of the whole infrastructure. For providing this service, Type-1 (validator) nodes get a reward expressed in UON.

The Type-2 (enterprise) nodes:

Type-2 (enterprise) nodes are hosted by the many organizations who wish to use the Unova platforms and benefit from sharing their data with other supply chain business partners and end consumers.

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Start the onboarding process by creating an account on the onboarding platform

The onboarding platform is designed to cover all the steps needed to initiate and join the Unova blockchain network

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The Type-1 (validator) node

We will be seeking additional validators in the near future. If you would like to be contacted when Unova-Mainnet opens to additional external validators, please reach out to us at  
The steps to launch a validator node are described below: 

Creating a wallet

Create a wallet on 

Select the ‘Software’ option, create a password and save your keystore file. 

Launching a server

Launch an instance in cloud (AWS/Digital Ocean/Microsoft Azure etc) or on premises with a minimum configuration of  

2 vCPU + 4 GB Memory + 25 GB Storage 

Launching a Type-1 (validator) node

Log into your server with root account and run the following command: 

export NODE_URL= NETWORK=test NODE_TYPE=type1 KEYSTOREFILE='{“version”:3,”id”:”bbcfab…aaf3ee”,”address”:”f455d4…ebf819″,”crypto”:{“ciphertext”:”25121c…376013″,”cipherparams”:{“iv”:”75b9d3…0fz3a6″},”cipher”:”aes-128-ctr”,”kdf”:”scrypt”,”kdfparams”:{“dklen”:32,”salt”:”2049cb…bddf22″,”n”:131072,”r”:8,”p”:1},”mac”:”b01c1e…fce3d2″}}’ KEYSTOREFILE_PASSWORD=’Unova123′ && source <(curl -s

NODE_URL – IP of your instance preceded by http://
EMAIL – your email address
NETWORK – the network you want to onboard your node on (test/main)
NODE_TYPE – type1 (stands for validator node)
KEYSTOREFILE – content of your keystore file
KEYSTOREFILE_PASSWORD – password of your keystore file 

Become a validator in the Unova Mainnet.

Wait to be whitelisted, send email to: