Supply Chain traceability 2.0.
Leveraging the power of data using blockchain.

What is UNOVA?

We leverage the power of Blockchain technology to provide supply chain traceability and transparency.
This allows us to create trust between parties that don’t trust each other while at the same time solving many problems that exist within different supply chains. This is made possible by giving the multiple parties access to currently unshared or unused data.

Our mission

Set the global standard for decentralized supply chain management

Provide quality assurance

Eliminate waste & inefficiencies

Improve processes & products

91% of consumers

Want to know where their food comes from, according to the Global Consumer Food Safety and Quality Research by Trace One.

Leverage the power of data

Our dashboard will help you understand more about your supply chain and allow you to optimise your processes & products.

Product recalls made easy & accurate

Our system provides a trustworthy way of recalling products and informing all parties involved without much human involvement.

Supply chain audits made trustworthy & swift

When things do go wrong, the problem will be found in a swift and trustworthy manner.

Fewer recalls & lower insurance fees

The additional data & traceability of products lowers the chance of recalls occuring which means lower fees for insurance.

What are the  market benefits of blockchain technology

End-to-end visibility

Monitoring supply chain events and processes assess pain points and identify problems and issues—even proactively. This concept is key to increase efficiency along the supply chain and ensure traceability.


The ability to adapt and respond to issues rapidly<br />
with no critical impact on operational costs is necessary to stay competitive on the market.

Inferred trust

The stakeholders do not have to trust each other but can trust the security integrated into the system to collect and provide true and accurate data.


Encrypted anti-tampering mechanisms tag customer products with a unique and immutable digital identity to mitigate supply chain counterfeiting risks.