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See the entire journey of your product

Unova is a complete enterprise solution that connects your internal system with blockchain technology to measure and record information about every corner of your supply chain.
Trust the food you are consuming

The food industry is full of cowboys and you cannot and should not always trust that the food you are consuming is what you expect.

You choose

With our app you can choose the chain (or companies) you know and TRUST.

When things go wrong

The communication between retailers and consumers is critical, especially when something goes wrong.


Get notified when a recall is in execution and you are advised not to consume the food by simply scanning a product.


Store favorites, rate the chain, view all ecosystem members & view top rated products

Use case
Find out who, when and what was involved with producing your product

Unova consumer trace dashboard allows the consumer to scan a product and get acces to full traceability and transparency date

Scan QR-code for asset trace example
Let's improve our food
Quality food

Companies who are part of our ecosystem are more likely to deliver a quality product.


Be sure your food actually is produced where you expect.

Rate your products

Rate the product and let companies know you liked or disliked the product you consumed to entice them to improve.

The companies who are part of the
Unova ecosystem are actively reducing
food waste when things go wrong

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