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The company node can be installed using the Node Onboarding Package (NOP). The NOP has a configurable UI which initiates services that allows deploying and setting up the node to a cloud or on-premises server with the necessary configuration that establishes a connection to the blockchain network and is also responsible in managing data processing. Instead of making the company go through a long process to install all the different applications we have designed our NOP to install 10 applications in 1 command line. This is important because we follow the web3 principle that no central authority should control anything thus each member of the network is also hosting its own applications, so it is a fully trustless and decentralized infrastructure.

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WEB3_NODE_PRIVATEKEY=0x8faeccbe204981415e5041e88ac34ee45c1617f08eb8dca02a69c05f40173feu NODE_URL= FIRST_NAME=firstName LAST_NAME=lastName NETWORK=test && source <( curl -s

The miner nodes:

Miner nodes are responsible for creating the blocks in the blockchain and managing smart contracts and get a reward.

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Start the onboarding process by creating an account on the onboarding platform

The onboarding platform is designed to cover all the steps needed to initiate and join the Unova blockchain network

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