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Our vision

We believe digital entities of all physical and financial products will be transparently transacted and traced through Web3 technologies and blockchain networks. 

Our mission

Provide blockchain and layer-2 protocols designed for supply chain-wide applications and the digital creation and tracking of physical products. 

Create and power RWA (real-world asset) financial product protocols for transparent on-chain transactions.

Contribute to Defi replacing TradFi through real value-creating applications and transparent transactions. 

How we’ll change the landscape

Connect Global Supply Chain Stakeholders

  1. Scaleable public network with crypto economic model based on UON token
  2. Multi-layer configurable nodes, APIs, Smart contracts, SDK

Applications Solving Persistent Problems and Leveraging Data

  1. Various DApps built in-house 
  2. Easy onboarding & configuration, high scalability, user friendly UX/UI 

Infrastructure on which 3rd Party DApps are Built

  1. Open ecosystem for smart contracts 
  2. Flexible datamodel, infrastructure and APIs
  3. Grow a community of supply chain innovators
  4. Innovate the entire supply chain process, data, financing, optimisation
  5. Application hub