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Our vision

Leverage blockchain, crypto, and Web3 to transform production supply chains today, and the world’s supply chain network tomorrow.

We don’t want to be limited by what we can imagine alone, so everything we build needs to be a basis for future supply chain innovations. We will not limit ourselves to any use case: Web3 moves fast, and so do we.

Our mission

We want to connects various supply chain stakeholders to measure and record information about through every corner of the supply chain, improving data exchange.  

We will accomplish this by creating a system that is flexible, and reliable, and forms a basis for future innovation, food safety, and consumer trust. 

How we’ll change the landscape

Connect Global Supply Chain Stakeholders

  1. Scaleable public network with crypto economic model based on UON token
  2. Multi-layer configurable nodes, APIs, Smart contracts, SDK

Applications Solving Persistent Problems and Leveraging Data

  1. Various DApps built in-house 
  2. Easy onboarding & configuration, high scalability, user friendly UX/UI 

Infrastructure on which 3rd Party DApps are Built

  1. Open ecosystem for smart contracts 
  2. Flexible datamodel, infrastructure and APIs
  3. Grow a community of supply chain innovators
  4. Innovate the entire supply chain process, data, financing, optimisation
  5. Application hub