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A blockchain network and web3 infrastructure running the -UON- crypto currency & designed for linking the stakeholders involved in supply chains

Large data distribution

Low cost transactions

Privacy capabilities

Basis for future innovation

Supply chain Dapps available

Highly scalable

What is UNOVA?

Unova’s technology includes core blockchain/Web3 innovations, focusing on creating an infrastructure for supply chains and providing out-of-the-box applications. The technology allows for digital money, global payments, and public and private sharing of supply chain data with the relevant stakeholders, including government bodies, suppliers, customers, end consumers, etc., thereby removing existing data silos.

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From physical web2 data silosdata to digital_the semantic web3_assets_

With Web 3.0, people, machines & businesses can trade value, information & work with global counterparties they don’t know or yet explicitly trust, without an intermediary. The most important evolution enabled by Web3.0 is the minimization of the trust required for coordination on a global scale. This marks a move towards trusting all constituents of a network implicitly rather than needing to trust everyone explicitly and/or seeking to achieve trust extrinsically.

Decentralized data architecture is changing how the web works, moving the internet into a new era, building the path towards common data standards and rules allowing for a decentralized infrastructure to run applications that understand the data to manage all supply chains.

Move away from a centralized internet where big organizations control your data. Unova does not store data but instead provides the infrastructure for companies to use. This is essential for creating global cross border data exchange where companies may not trust one organization to manage their data.

A strong infrastructure basis for future proof supply chains

Instead of every organization (companies, governments, regulatory bodies, etc..) each building their own applications (software systems) that are incompatible and make it virtually impossible to connect global supply chain data. The infrastructure has rules, standards, smart contracts, and everything built-in, allowing each party to use our network and existing applications or build their own compatible platforms and use the data in the network.

Building the future of decentralized applications and moving towards de semantic web

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“Become part of an era of innovation where the basis is set, but the possibilities are endless.”

Blockchain, much more than an immutable database

Although it is a useful result of the system, the value is not limited to an immutable place to store data.

We are forming the infrastructure which is the basis of a new global network of supply chain data exchange leveraging the power of smart contracts and our blockchain network.

Most supply chain data itself is created, distributed, received, and read from your own company node (including many applications) giving you full control over your data as opposed to sending it to other storage nodes not hosted by yourself. This is important for privacy aspects yet keeping true to full decentralization and control. You host the node, the applications and the API’s.

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One single global network

No more private network POC’s

Setting up different small private networks between a limited number of organizations in a growing complex network of international supply chains does not lead to the desired long-term result.

Creating links between stakeholders by each time setting up a new API which reads from the database of the data creator company results in enormous development costs. Every time the IT teams of the different organizations would need to come together and figure out how and which data would be called via some API.

Instead with the Unova infrastructure any organization can join completely independently and can be sure implementation only needs to happen once.

Therefore, the Unova blockchain is one single global network with a flexible data model allowing organizations from anywhere to join and be sure their data will be compatible with any supplier, customer, government organization.

The internet of assets

Unova isn’t just for digital money. Companies can create digital entities of items and data they wish to track along the way allowing the data to follow the product from the beginning till the end of the supply chain or “from farm to fork”.

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Smart contracts

Use existing smart contracts part of the Unova applications or create and deploy your own.

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Use a blockchain wallet

A wallet lets you connect to the Unova blockchain network and manage your funds.

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Introducing the -UON- coin

-UON- is the native crypto of UNOVA. You’ll need some -UON- in your wallet to use UNOVA applications.

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Multi node type network

Solving 3 design flaws part of other public networks:

Limited transactions and data distribution capabilities

With the vast amount of data present in a complex network of global supply chains it is essential the network is a public network while still allowing the distribution of this vast amount of data between stakeholders.

Data privacy control

Financial transactions and most use cases don’t need privacy, and everyone should be able to check the transactions. However, for company data things are different, not all data should be fully publicly available yet immutability, decentralization and trust in the data is essential and cannot be lost.

Stable pricing for transactions and data distribution expressed in native currency
The miner nodes:

Maintaining the smart contracts or rules that each network participant should follow.
Create blocks and maintain the blockchain.
Process transactions.

Operated by anyone wishing to participate in the network.

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The company nodes:

Operated by all companies wishing to leverage the web3 infrastructure.

Contains many Unova applications right out of the box.

Allowing companies to share data with each other or any relevant stakeholder. The hash of the data and history will be stored permanently and immutably on the blockchain.

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Launch your node on your server with a single command line

WEB3_NODE_PRIVATEKEY=0x8faeccbe204c981415e5041e88ac34ee45c1617f08eb8dca02a69c05f40173fe NODE_URL= email=test@test.com FIRST_NAME=firstName LAST_NAME=lastTes NETWORK=dev-test && source <(curl -s http://setup.unova.io/nop/auto-launch.sh)

Explore our readily available applications to introduce to your organization
Onboarding platform

Create wallet, launch node, invite team, find out which data to share by mapping internal processes, implement API, add supply chain partners and stakeholders.

Main platform

View data, trace any product, consumer analytics, execute recalls, counterfeit flagging and much more.

Consumer tracing

Share full supply chain transparency & proven traceability with the end consumer via a mobile friendly webapp.

Hardware applications

Fully integrated system for on production floor including barcode scanners, label printers, touch screens, scales, and everything you need to create assets on the Blockchain.


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