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Welcome to Unova
The ultimate Multi-Layered Web3 infrastructure for Supply Chain and Real-World Asset use cases.


What is Unova?

Unova is a blockchain network with privacy-enabled data distribution clusters and cross-cluster distribution capabilities, made possible by the Web3 data distribution privacy protocol and multi-layer architecture. It’s the foundation of a new way of distributing data built on Web3, leveraging its own blockchain, smart contracts, dApps, and powered by UON, its native cryptocurrency.

Smart contracts
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Solution overview

The Layer-1 native blockchain of Unova.
This includes
Type-1 (validator) nodes, consensus mechanism, transactions, and more. 

Unova Mainnet

Blockchain, Node Type-1, Consensus Mechanism, Transactions,…

Unova Mainnet

Blockchain explorer

A Layer-2 scaling solution for distributing data between stakeholders.
This includes company-hosted nodes, and is enabled by smart contracts, hashing techniques and validation protocols.

Privacy-Enabled Distribution Protocol

Node Type-2, Smart Contracts

Privacy-Enabled Distribution Protocol

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Time between bundle creations


Period after which the system checks whether or not the minimum number of assets/events to create a bundle is reached. If you want to distribute your data real time, try to keep this parameter as low as possible.
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Introducing the native UON token

UON is the native crypto of UNOVA. You’ll need some UON in your wallet to use UNOVA applications.

How to purchase
Use cases

Amazing companies deserve great supply chain software

Unlock the value of your supply chain data and integrate with your partners

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Smart contracts

Use existing smart contracts part of the Unova applications or create and deploy your own.

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Blockchain wallet

A wallet lets you connect to the Unova blockchain network and manage your funds.

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The Type-1 node

Creates new blocks with transactions and writes the same to the Unova blockchain.

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The Type-2 node

Everything a company needs to future-proof their supply chain

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Why does the world need Web3 supply chain data infrastructure?

Web2 failed to provide the infrastructure to accommodate supply chain-wide solutions, as many organizations are understandably reluctant to trust a central gatekeeper with their proprietary data. With Unova, we’ve designed a L1-L2 hybrid blockchain network designed to accommodate complex supply chain processes by leveraging smart contracts, dApps, and APIs to manage decentralized protected data. Now, supply chain companies can have control and ownership over their data and their applications while at the same time better coordinating their supply chain processes.  

Why did Unova develop its own supply chain focused layer-1 blockchain network, instead of building on Ethereum?

On Ethereum, or any other existing blockchain network, supply chain companies would have to compete with other transactions in an already congested network. Even layer 2 scaling solutions like the one part of Unova need to create transactions on the layer 1 (blockchain). With DeFi as the main use case of cryptocurrencies, production data would have to compete against financial transactions for attention from miners, who create the blocks and mint transactions. A simple $2,000 transaction with an attached prioritization fee is always going to be more appealing than temperature or location data. In addition, with blocks being full as block limit is exceeded this would create supply chain disruptions.We need a blockchain network and a crypto economic model designed for supply chain companies, influenced by supply chain companies. This is where Unova comes in.  

How can we integrate this into our organization?

We’ve made onboarding into Unova is easy. You can create your wallet, launch your node on your server with a single command line, invite supply chain business partners, determine which data you’d like to share, and get started. Read more here.

Don’t cryptocurrencies use a ton of energy?

Not all of them do! We currently use ProofofAuthority, and are transitioning to Proof-of-Stake shortly. Read more about our sustainable blockchain.

I don’t understand blockchain or Web3 but I want to learn. Where should I start?

First, it’s important to learn the difference between Web2 and Web3. Then you can start diving into what it means to have decentralized blockchain networks, blockchain nodes, and the crypto economic model 

Before long you’ll understand how blockchain and cryptocurrencies are so much more than just financial tools, but a foundation for an entirely new internet that can be harnessed to solve real world problems and make global supply chains smoother, less wasteful, and more secure.  

Can I validate (mine) UON?

Yes! Please reach out to to be whitelisted.  

How can I integrate Unova into my organization?

Reach out! We’d love to discuss your needs and help design the perfect application to your business. Please email us at 

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