Digitalising Supply Chains
Unova has a complete enterprise solution that connects your internal system with web3 infrastructure to measure and record information about every corner of your supply chain.
Decentralized inventory management

Optimize your inventory and profitability

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Brand trust

Increasing customer & end consumer trust in your product – the perfect differentiator

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Food safety

Food safety, regulatory compliance & recall execution

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of consumers consider the impact of how and where food was produced when making a purchase


of consumers are willing to pay more for products that guarantee total transparency

Become part of something bigger!

Becoming part of the Unova Ecosystem will directly positively impact your revenues.

We provide a way for consumers to discover the full journey of their product

How does this work?
See the entire journey of your product

Unova is a complete enterprise solution that connects your internal system with blockchain technology to measure and record information about every corner of your supply chain.

Trust the food you are consuming

The food industry is full of cowboys and you cannot and should not always trust that the food you are consuming is what you expect.

You choose

With our app you can choose the chain (or companies) you know and TRUST.

When things go wrong

The communication between retailers and consumers is critical, especially when something goes wrong.


Get notified when a recall is in execution and you are advised not to consume the food by simply scanning a product.

Use case
Find out who, when and what was involved with producing your product

Unova consumer trace dashboard allows the consumer to scan a product and get acces to full traceability and transparency data.

Scan QR-code for asset trace example

Let's improve our food
Quality food

companies who are part of our ecosystem are more likely to deliver a quality product.


Be sure your food actually is produced where you expect.

Rate your products

Rate the product and let companies know you liked or disliked the product you consumed to entice them to improve.

"The companies who are part of the Unova ecosystem are actively reducing food waste when things go wrong"
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Recall Mechanism

Sometimes things go wrong,
The way you handle a recall is essential!

Simple solution

With one click all companies that need to act can be notified and all meat signaled

Time savings

Reduce the time it takes to finalize a recall, saving your reputation.

Food waste

Reduce food waste by reducing the amount of meat that gets destroyed during recall due to a lack of traceability.

Accountability and auditing

Be able to prove which meat you are responsible for and when you initiated the recall
This will lead in less legal costs and inferred trust between parties

Recall mechanism example

Due to a lack of traceability covering this supply chain, the retailer lost complete track of which meat was infected and came from these cows. The result? Recall all the meat from the entire week! A total of 167 000 kg of meat would end up being destroyed. A lot of food waste at a staggering cost of 1,5 million euros. On top of this resulting in a bad reputation for the meat industry and meat consumption declining the coming weeks. The very large economic impact could have been avoided.

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Supply chain auditing

After things go wrong everyone is quick to point the finger.
Our system stores the Truth thanks to the immutability aspects of blockchain technology

“I often define blockchain as a database on which you store the truth on a moment there is no discussion about the truth. Later, further in the supply chain, you can rely on the blockchain to show the truth when it is at stake”

Koen Vingerhoets
Simplicity is key

At Unova we believe the best software does complex things but makes them look easy.

Our admin panel allows for any company to create the data points that are necessary for tracing a product and adding valuable data in an inuitive way by using our ‘chain builder’ tool.

Register multiple facilities, invite your onboarding team and get started now!

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Used data is valuable data

Our modular system focusses on ease of use with a continued focus on improving your supply chain bottlenecks and inefficiencies, our innovation will continue for years to come.

Giving you the insights you need and full control of what’s going on at all times.

Flexibility to adjust to all market conditions is key

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Insurance fees

More time efficient, less wasteful recalls & perfect auditing can result in lower insurance claims and lower fees.

Results in saving you money in the long run!

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Unova trace

The Unova Trace module allows you to search for any asset that passed through your supply chain while at the same time not allowing competitors to get access to this data. This helps you manage your supply chain, create reports, export to excel, or simply display in our “farm to store view”, “Ingredient view” or “map view”. Find out exactly which products are impacted during any supply chain incident.

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Be part of the Unova community

Learn all about the ecosystem

On our community page you can schedule calls with team members, use the onboarding tool, view the Unova academy, view and share future development ideas and much more!

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Safety and reliability are probably the most important characteristics of any company active in the food industry. Therefore, having efficient mechanisms of traceability in place will become a significant competitive differentiator as it signals trustworthiness towards customers and allows management to have a profound understanding of their own product.

Kristof LommersPhD Student Oxford

UNOVA offers a novel solution to a centuries-old problem: how to demonstrate the quality of your goods. Especially in the food industry, this challenge has remained difficult and burdensome. Until now.

Viktor SmitsConsultant Sia Partners

One of the major challenges faced by the European Commission is how to ensure food safety, traceability and quality for all European citizens. This is where startups like UNOVA can play an important role.

Wim BroothaertsEuropean Commission