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Digitalising Supply Chains
Unova has a complete enterprise solution that connects your existing internal systems with web3 infrastructure to measure and record information from every corner of your supply chain. 
Decentralized inventory management

Optimize your inventory and profitability.

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Brand trust

Increasing customer & end consumer trust in your product – the perfect differentiator.

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Food safety

Food safety, regulatory compliance & recall execution.

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See the entire journey of your product

Unova is a complete enterprise solution that connects your internal system via blockchain technology to measure and record information from every corner of your supply chain. 

Customer adoption

Once you’ve digitised your supply chain with Unova, your consumers will have a radical understanding of what they’re purchasing.  

For example, say you’re a meat producer. With Unova, you can tell your customers:  

You choose

With the Unova app you can choose the chain (or companies) you know and trust.

We’re here for you when things go wrong 

The communication between retailers and consumers is critical, especially when something goes wrong.


Get notified when a recall is in execution by simply scanning a product.

Find out who, when and what

Our Unova Consumer Trace Dashboard allows your consumer to scan a product and get access to its full traceability and transparency data. 

Scan QR-code for asset trace example

"The companies who are part of the Unova ecosystem are actively reducing food waste when things go wrong"
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Embedded recall mechanism

“Sometimes things go wrong; the way you handle a recall is essential!”

Simple solution

Notify all stakeholders in one click.

Time savings

Reduce the time it takes to finalize a recall. Save your reputation.

Reduce food waste

Destroy only the meat that’s tainted.

Accountability and auditing

Destroy only the meat that’s tainted.
How would a Unova-supported recall work?

In April, during lab testing, one of the major slaughterhouses found that two cows were infected with the E. Coli bacteria. After hours of searching, the slaughterhouse notified the involved companies. It then took another 3 days until these companies had an idea as to which meat they should recall and destroy. By this time the meat was already being sold at one of the big retailers.  

Read more on how Unova could help avoid this nightmare scenario.

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Simplicity is key

At Unova we believe the best software does complex things but makes them look easy.

Our admin panel allows for any company to create the data points that are necessary for tracing a product and adding valuable data in an inuitive way by using our ‘chain builder’ tool.

Register multiple facilities, invite your onboarding team and get started now!

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Unova trace

The Unova Trace module allows you to search for any asset that passed through your supply chain, without giving away proprietary data to your competitors. This helps you manage your supply chain, create reports, export to excel, or simply display in “farm to store view”, “ingredient view” or “map view”. Find out exactly which products are impacted during any supply chain incident. 

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