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L1 & L2 hybrid network

When installing a node and becoming part of the network, the user chooses the functionality contained by the node. Each type has specific configurations and protocols to serve its function.


This type of node is mainly used for increased decentralization, network security, creating blocks, hashing power, and managing the execution of smart contracts and other transactions.


This type of node is designed to be used by anyone wishing to leverage the applications and data distribution connections to be able to distribute to another Type-2 node. These are designed to accommodate and provide the data handling capabilities, Unova privacy-enabled distribution protocol, and Web3 solution where the users are at the driving seat.


This type of node can be referred to as an Open Innovation Node (OIN) as it is the most basic form of a node part of the Unova network. Type-3 nodes combined with SDKs enable open innovation and allow for new business models to leverage the infrastructure and data flows.