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Capability #1

Unova trace

In many cases it will be important to be able to trace any product and in an intuitive user-friendly way visualize the full chain of this product. Data is only data and lacks value until it can be used and actually is used to make decisions. The Unova trace module serves exactly this purpose. We are building our platform in a way where we start from traceability and gradually add many additional modules for you to manage your production and the way you do business in a better way.

Capability #2

Invite your onboarding team

You will likely want to assign different people to onboard your organization with each their own responsibilities. To invite your facility onboarding team, access the facility admin panel and go to ‘users & roles’. You will now be able to add different people and assign a role. Some roles will receive their own private and public key which will be linked to the facility keys.