Trace Module

It is increasingly important to have control over your supply chain. Data allows you to feel confident you have the information whenever you need it.

The Unova Trace module allows you to search for any asset that passed through your supply chain while at the same time not allowing competitors to get access to this data. This helps you manage your supply chain, create reports, export to excel, or simply display in our “farm to store view”, “Ingredient view” or “map view”. Find out exactly which products are impacted during any supply chain incident.

Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex.

We are constantly finding new ways on how to leverage data to create a better product or supply chain process. Using visual tools, it becomes possible to have insights that were unthinkable before. Exporting the right data in excel in already clear format helps you to go even deeper and create detailed yet extensive reports.

Keeping track of everything going through your supply chain anywhere and at any moment. Managing everything has become exceedingly easy!

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