Sometimes it all starts in an office just like any other. In a small city called Leuven.

Join our ambitious and fast growing tech company and make your work count.

We only employ the best and in doing so offer our clients an unparalleled level of expertise and service.

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What we do

Unova is a complete enterprise solution that connects your internal system with blockchain technology to measure and record information about every step of your supply chain.

This allows us to create trust between parties that don’t trust each other while at the same time solving many problems that exist within different supply chains. This is made possible by giving the multiple parties access to currently unshared or unused data. How cool is that!

We are on a mission to set a global standard for decentralized supply chain management. This will allow us to provide quality assurance, eliminate waste & inefficiencies and improve processes & products.

Are you willing to create an impact with us on an entire supply chain? Let’s create the Unova Blockchain Ecosystem together.

Our ambition

At Unova we are ambitious to make our work count. We dream big and chunk it down into manageable steps we take every day to reach our goals. Our goals are clear, but sometimes we need to change the way how to get there. We embrace the versatility of our work and the lessons learned on this road together. We love sharing this knowledge within our team, every day is different and brings us new insights.

At Unova, we are entrepreneurial and wiling to take the challenges in this complex environment. Thinking in ecosystem is our way to work. We improve our product continuously for our customers and users.
We see possibilities and opportunities to make a difference for our clients.

Our vision isn’t limited to our local market. Our aspiration go past borders. This is why we already create an international vibe in our small company today. Englisch is our daily language and we communicate with our international co-workers on a daily basis.

We encourage taking responsibility and give you the trust and feedback to thrive in your job. We encourage autonomy and growth mindset.

Let us know what drives you!